CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is the first edition of the new CHAi series within the successful ORGANIC POWER DRINK beverage generation from CHIA BiRDS GmbH (limited) with the demand bringing back natural power (organic power plant) back to mankind. CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is a tea based refreshing power drink combined with other superfoods: ginger, mint, lime that give strength to body, mind and soul. A selection of the strongest plants ( combined in a well tasting drink.

CHiA BiRDS – awaken the Gods.
# 100% natural
# 100% organic
# No artificial sweeteners
# No artificial additives
# No artificial colors
# No artificial flavours
# No artificial conservatives
# No chemicals



Green tea satisfies with its antioxidant effect and is a genuine fountain of youth. In addition, it heightens one’s ability to concentrate and is an amazing source of energy: the impact is far more effective and long-lasting than coffee or other chemical energy drinks.

#invigorates the spirit
#heightens brain power
#supports weight-loss during a diet
#helps to regulate blood pressure
#reduces stress
#anti-aging effect
#supports a healthy cholesterol level

The strengths of GINGER

# pain-relieving
# strengthens the immune system
# anti-inflammatory
# helps with muscle pain
# reduces allergic reactions, stomach problems and nauseousness
# calorie burner
# helps with migraines and menstrual pain
# stimulates brain function

The virtues of MINT

# elevates brain function
# calms the digestive tract
# cleans the blood
# fights depression
# reduces pain
# fights against bad breath

The power of LIME

# for a balanced pH level
# reduces hypertension
# enhances kidney function
# interacts positively with the nervous system
# reduces oxidative stress
# detox effect
# improves sleep quality
# reduces body odour


Natural Spring Water, Organic Cane Sugar*, Ginger Extract*,Green Tea Extract*,
Caramel Sugar Syrup*, Organic Natural Ginger-Lemon-Peppermint Flavours together
with Other Organic Natural Flavours, CO2 (Lightly Carbonated), Acidity Regulators: Citric Acid,
Gluten-free. No Artificial Conservatives and Flavours.
Keep cool and turn upside down before opening.
*Organically produced (BIO)

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