ORGANIC POWER DRINKS – CHAi BiRDS © is a new Austrian sports- wellness- and lifestyle brand, whose goal it is, in a sustainable way, to lead people back to what nature originally gave them: functional food, also known as “Superfoods”, which are not chemically enhanced, and which energise the body, spirit and soul in a natural way.

The basis of the ORGANIC POWER DRINKS (C)  is tea from the healthiest and most powerful herbs and plants and it was developed using the principles of TCM and TEM (traditional Chinese medicine and traditional European medicine). The founder of CHiA BiRDS GmbH had the exceptional opportunity to take part in a nutrition seminar led by two of the most well-known TCM doctors from China and Vietnam. At the seminar they learned of the nearly-supernatural powers that certain plants can have on the human body. To highlight just two examples: ginger and green tee: two true energy bombs that not only strengthen the immune system but also give the body long-lasting energy, mental focus, as well as giving power to the muscles and the spirit.

Nourishment is medicine. Nature is medicine. You are what you eat.

Deeply impressed by the knowledge of the Asian doctors and their explanation of the fact that almost every human ailment is the result of a weakened immune system, the seminar experience led to the rationale and vision of CHiA BiRDS: if plants have so much power, why shouldn’t there be a drink which fulfills the promises of various chemical drinks, which don’t actually do what they promise. “Sugar in itself can’t be seen as an energy source, although for example, many energy drinks are just called “energy drinks” because they, for legal reasons, need to have a certain percentage of sugar. Technically, this can be seen as energy, but it is in no way valuable for the human body – actually quite the opposite: after the insulin high comes an extreme low-point – it is a downward spiral that only causes glumness and low energy,” explains the TCM specialist: “In general, sugar should be avoided as much as possible. Food, specifically plant-food, should (with very few exceptions) stay as raw and close to nature as possible – this is one of the basic principles of Chinese medicine. Chemical dietary supplements can even potentially cause cancer and are often not utilisable by the human body. It would be more sensible to drink smoothies made from a flower meadow or from fresh fruit,” explains the doctor. “Humans need to relearn the fact that nature is the biggest marvel and also highly valuable for the human body.”

When asked what a generally healthy diet is, the doctor explains: “Humans today eat A: too much, B: too many chemicals and C: not enough natural products. If people were to consume far more natural products, they would be able to forgo the useage of all kinds of dietary supplements and would strengthen their immune systems for the long-term. This would reduce the usage of industrially-made medicines and, going even further, would drastically reduce industrial-human-ailments like allergies, obesity, depression, and according to recent studies, also cancer,” explains the physician.

CHiA seeds. An essential component of the recipe for the elixir:

CHiA seeds, the healthiest grain in existence (please don’t believe various PR articles from food lobbies of large corporations, who want any information that could damage their business to disappear: everything that can grow on a plant can, theoretically, be contaminated by pesticides and this applies of course not only to one plant. We, from CHiA BiRDS, believe that every plant is innocent and valuable, but can be dirtied and contaminated by humans ;-( ) This wonder-grain of the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans disappeared due to lengthy wars and plundering, and has now been rediscovered. For Hollywood stars and American marathon runners, CHiA seeds have been an insider tip for years. They are consumed with cereal, salads and also in drinks – very similar to the original way that Aztec warriors used the seeds as pre-war food:

The legend of the brand CHiA BiRDS tells that one tablespoon of CHiA seeds (the amount of seeds in one bottle) softened with a bit of liquid, can provide divine, mental, bodily and emotional powers for an entire day, and that the brave, fallen soldiers of the Aztec gods were reincarnated as hummingbirds in paradise.

Because of the high omega-3 content, both American health and nutrition aficionados as well as doctors treasure CHiA seeds as a true health-elixir, and “happy-maker”. In the European Union, CHiA seeds are in the category “Novel Foods”, and are only approved for use in the EU in baked goods and breakfast cereals. CHiA BiRDS was the first German-speaking enterprise to receive an “Extended Use” accreditation in the EU for CHiA seeds in drinks and can call itself ORIGINAL as a result of this.

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