Only BiRDS can fly. Not cows.

CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is the first edition of the new CHAi series within the successful ORGANIC POWER DRINK beverage generation from CHIA BiRDS GmbH (limited) with the demand bringing back natural power (organic power plant) back to mankind. CHAi BiRDS – ORGANIC POWER DRINK is a tea based refreshing power drink combined with other superfoods:

# Greentea
# Ginger
# Mint
# Lime

… that give strength to body, mind and soul.

ORGANIC POWER DRINKS are aiming to learn the people that energy drinks are bullshit for the human body. Anyway: cows cannot fly either. Only BiRDS can. There is also no flying effects when consuming drinks: only if you strengthen your immune system the human body. mind. and soul. will be happy strong and you can feel floating and easy. But only with raw, natural ingredients you can reach such effects- not by energy drinks weakening the body by sugar bombs or chemical ingredients.

So remember: Only BiRDS can fly. And nature is the best medicine. As our friend Hippocrates claimed long time ago: “Let the nature be our medicine”

This is the DNA of the company CHiA BiRDS: Giving back people power from nature. This is the mission of: ORGANIC POWER DRINKS.

CHAi BiRDS – A selection of the strongest plants ( combined in a well tasting drink.

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